Dr. Gladys McGarey

The People’s Pharmacy: Secrets to Living a Long Healthy Life

The People’s Pharmacy recently hosted Dr. Gladys McGarey on show 1345. What a great listen to people looking for some tips on long, health living. The People’s Pharmacy (hosted by Joe and Terry Graedon) is the people’s perspective on medicine and a great place for Dr. Gladys to share her history in medicine and the founding of holistic medicine. They empower over 150,000 subscribers to make wise decisions on their own care and medicine by providing essential health information about both medical and alternative treatments.

The interview starts with her co-founding the American Holistic Medical Association and dives into her top secrets from the new book, The Well-Lived Life. Finding your juice is a big part of living a long, health life. The People’s Pharmacy dug into the good stuff about following your passion and light, “Although she needs a walker to get around these days, she makes an effort to get in at least 3,800 steps a day with that walker. Her eyes are no longer strong enough for her to enjoy reading, but she listens to audio books. Instead of old age being a time of stagnation, she assures us that we can get better as we grow older. To accomplish that, we need to practice the five Ls: life, love, laughter, labor and listening.”

Check out the podcast here. If you’re interested in more secrets to a long, happy and healthy life, be sure to pick up a copy of The Well-Lived Life: A 102-year-old Doctor’s Six Secrets to Health and Happiness At Any Age today. Stay tuned to the latest news by signing up for our newsletter or following along on Instagram.

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