Dr. Gladys McGarey

Dr. Gladys has had a long-held vision to create a healing Village based on her
philosophy of Living Medicine.

Today, the Foundation for Living Medicine, that she founded in 1989, is committed and is working tirelessly with her to bring her vision to reality. 

What is a Village for Living Medicine?

Briefly, the Village for Living Medicine will be a state-of-the-art, health services campus that offers healthcare, education programs and research that are embedded in the philosophy of living medicine. Here, the individual will be seen as more than a patient or diagnosis but as a sacred being. Living Medicine puts the sacredness of love and life at the forefront in healing, and, in fact, states they are the true healers. It also recognizes the importance of beauty in the healing environment and will infuse beautiful elements throughout including color, music, art, and inviting gardens. It is envisioned that this pioneering life-centered Village will become an important global destination for those seeking innovative healthcare services and education.

Dr. Gladys and Foundation CEO Rose Winters

The Foundation for Living Medicine

The Foundation for Living Medicine was founded in 1989 by Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey to promote holistic health and to expand the integration of its principles by bridging the gap between holistic and conventional medicine through education. This builds upon Dr. Gladys’ philosophy of “living medicine.” It is an IRS-designated 501c3 non-profit. Dr. Gladys and The Foundation for Living Medicine are leading the charge to promote a paradigm shift in healthcare
from focusing on disease to embracing life and living. The Foundation’s tagline is “Living Medicine…the best medicine of tomorrow – today.”