Dr. Gladys McGarey

KJZZ Fronteras Desk: This 102-year-old doctor didn’t expect to live so long. Here’s how she did it.

KJZZ 91.5 recently interviewed Dr. Gladys McGarey about her recent book, The Well-Lived Life. Hosted by Lauren Gilger, she joined the radio show to discuss all things wellness, health and longevity. At 102, Dr. Gladys is a phenomenal storyteller. Her gift is sharing a long life of story with everyone. She even recalls the partition in India and Mahatma Ghandi.

Listen to story here. She comes from a time when women couldn’t even have a credit card, let alone become a doctor. She knew she’d be a doctor as early as age 2, coming from a medical family background. As the “mother of holistic medicine”, she describes how her general practice transitioned to holistic medicine. “Medicine knew an awful lot about the body. But the field of medicine knew nothing about the spirit of medicine and what healing was about.” The wisdom pours from this short interview.

Even though addressing the whole person, spiritually and holistically is more accepted these days, it’s taken 100 years to get to this point in the world!

If you’re interested in more secrets to a long, happy and healthy life, be sure to pick up a copy of The Well-Lived Life: A 102-year-old Doctor’s Six Secrets to Health and Happiness At Any Age today. Stay tuned to the latest news by signing up for our newsletter or following along on Instagram.

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