Dr. Gladys McGarey

Spartan Up Podcast: 102 Year Old Mother of Holistic Medicine Reveals Her Health Secrets

Spartan Up Podcast is a popular fitness podcast hosted by Joe De Sena. Dr. Gladys McGarey joined him for an engaging conversation about her background in holistic health and medicine alongside her secrets found in her new book, The Well-Lived Life. Her book tour is full of incredible, new audiences and she was excited to sit down and chat with Joe about her 102-year-old life and connect on many levels.

Listen on Apple Podcasts. Dr. Gladys shares with the founder of Spartan Race her secrets to overcoming obstacles. She talks about her love of chocolate and the necessity of naps and rest. She even dives into her breakfast routine and diet alongside 3,800 steps per day remains a staple in her daily routine (when she’s not riding her tricycle).

While this isn’t your typical guest podcast for her, she shares some deep insight into wellness and fitness as the key to happiness and health. At 102 years old, I’d say she knows a thing or two about longevity in this space.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Gladys’ secrets in life, be sure to pick up her book, The Well-Lived Life, and follow her on Instagram.

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