Dr. Gladys McGarey

IT’S A G THING: 102-year-old woman shares her secrets to a long, happy life (PIX11)

Dr. Gladys McGarey, Mother of Holistic Medicine, had the change to sit down with Mr. G, host of It’s A G Thing on PIX11 News, New York’s Very Own. She covers a range of topics from grief and loss to divorce and cancer while offering sound advice (not medical advice) on how she’s gotten to be 102 years old and still smiling.

Learning from pain is a big part of Dr. Gladys philosophy. “Move spiritually,” she repeats on the show. She describes her opportunity to bring holistic medicine to modern care, identifying a need to bring the spirit back to the practice. Pain, suffering, loss all has something to teach us and Dr. Gladys preaches it well. “Life and love are your guiding light.”

Our favorite clip is her story about going to the grocery store at 99 years old. She was putting groceries in her car and and older gentleman came to offer her help. He exclaimed that he was in his 90’s and could do it while she dropped her head and shoulders back and returned, “I’m 99!”. She felt a bit of shame afterwards, knowing he was genuinely trying to help and she refused it. But now finds the story funny. “Offer your hand to help with love. If it’s not accepted, pull it back.” That’s the boundary she keeps. Her belief in staying positive and continuously moving is having profound impact across the globe and we love hearing stories from all over.

If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Gladys’ secrets in life, be sure to pick up her book, The Well-Lived Life, and follow her on Instagram.

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