Dr. Gladys McGarey

I’m A 102-Year-Old MD: This Is My #1 Secret To Healthy Aging

In this article from MBG Health, Dr. Gladys shares the most important thing that she believes leads to a longer, happier life. Read on below for a summary of advice adapted from her book.

Practice: Weaving together the fabric of life

  1. Think about your friends, coworkers, family, and neighbors—the people you see most often in life. Let yourself wonder: In what ways is my community working? In what ways is it not working? Do you feel a sense of connection? Do you rely on one another?
  2. Start remembering times when you have felt truly supported by your community. This could be something simple such as being helped with a household task, being given a friendly shoulder to cry on, being given a ride to the mechanic, and so on. Let yourself remember how it felt.
  3. Then allow yourself to recall times in the past when you offered your time or support to others. Think of any small action that brought someone joy. Remember how it felt to see their smile.
  4. Next, ask yourself: What relationships need my love and tending? You can think of your love as concentric circles that radiate out from your heart. Whom can you call or connect with? Whom can you forgive? Which relationships deserve better boundaries? How can you find the friend within everyone—even someone you don’t like? How can you enrich your relationships and weave the fabric of life together more tightly?

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