Dr. Gladys McGarey

I’m a 102-year-old doctor. Here’s the No. 1 thing the healthiest and happiest people I know never do

Dr. Gladys McGarey is CNBC’s newest contributor. In her recent article, she dives into the number 1 thing the healthiest and happiest people she knows do. With her decades of holistic medicine practice, Dr. Gladys has published a new book called The Well-Lived Life: A 102-year-old Doctor’s Secrets to a Health and Happiness At Any Age. In it, she shares her top secrets.

Dr. Gladys walks us through a visualization practice of holding onto the energy of something that’s causing you stress, then letting it go. “Really let it go,” she claims. “The healthiest people know when it’s time to move on.”

Using this visualization, you can practice letting go too. Dr. Gladys mentions that having these feelings stuck in your body can cause added stress and emotional buildup. Releasing yourself of this burden can do wonders for the body and mind. “I’ve adopted this practice for years. I would recognize something that didn’t serve me and drop my hand, opening my fingers in a fluid motion to signify its release.” she goes on.

The article is also features on MSN.com and CNBC’s Make It publication platform.

Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey, MD, is internationally recognized as the “Mother of Holistic Medicine.” She is the co-founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, co-founder of the Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine, and author of “The Well-Lived Life: A 102-Year-Old Doctor’s 6 Secrets to Health and Happiness at Every Age.” She was the first to utilize acupuncture in the U.S. and trained other physicians how to use it. Follow her on Instagram.

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