Dr. Gladys McGarey

Working until I was 99 kept me young: Centenarians share their surprising secrets to a long and happy life

Dr. Gladys McGarey and The Well-Lived Life book were recently featured in The Daily Mail UK alongside other centenarians across the globe. It starts, “Those lucky enough to have made it to their hundredth birthdays have shared their secrets to living a long, healthy life.” Dr. Gladys is no stranger to the secrets to a long and happy life. She wrote the book on it.

In it, Daily Mail describes how one secret is a sense of community. “Successful centenarians are closely attuned to their community, whether that is their church or a local cafe.” Dr. Gladys is an active member of her church community alongside the holistic medicine community as the Founder of the Foundation for Living Medicine. She is also a big advocate for finding meaning and purpose in life as a secret to longevity. The article goes on, “Longevity experts agree that having a sense of purpose is a common thread among centenarians.” We couldn’t agree more.

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