Dr. Gladys McGarey

This 102-year-old shares her secrets to aging with grace: 3,800 steps, an adult tricycle, and a lot of laughter

The Well-Lived Life book team and Dr. Gladys were featured in Yahoo! Finance this week. The article offers tips on how to find your purpose at any age. The story was originally on Fortune.com. Dr. Gladys shares her top tips like being willing to pivot, and moving every day– 3,800 steps to be exact. The piece adds, “The author walks a precise 3,800 steps a day, which she tracks on her phone. She routinely rides her “adult tricycle,” as she calls it, around her yard and into town. Maintaining a consistent movement routine helps when you enjoy the activity—something fitness experts agree on.”

She’s speaking to every audience, young and old, and we hope it resonates with many. Finding your purpose can be a difficult journey for some but we are lucky to have Dr. Gladys share some of her tips including some very interesting insight into dreamland. As the article states, “McGarey listens to the cues from her dreams, such as that little girl climbing up the mango tree, in hopes of her tune landing on the ears of someone who needs to hear it—much like her own message about aging and finding joy.”

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