Dr. Gladys McGarey

Fortune Well featuring Dr. Gladys – This 102-year-old shares her secrets to aging with grace: 3,800 steps, an adult tricycle, and a lot of laughter

The Well-Lived Life book team and Dr. Gladys are thrilled to be featured this week in Fortune Well! The entire interview is a fantastic read, but it’s particularly astute for those on the journey to finding their voice. The article notes, ‘it’s easy to think “it’s too late” or assume your identity is cemented in stone, but Dr. Gladys McGarey reminds us ““I didn’t really find my voice until I was 93,” she says, recalling how she struggled to write in elementary school and was called the “class dummy,” due to her dyslexia.’

This dyslexic community manager hopes fellow dyslexics and those embrace dyslexic thinking will hear these words in their soul. This wonderful interview also notes important insight from Dr.Gladys, “Look for what you can do, not what you can’t do,” she says, which looks different for everyone. “Our bodies are our teachers … if we pay attention to it, we learn lessons.” And Fortune Well confirms ‘it’s true—when we engage in activities we enjoy, our brain rewards us with a release of dopamine or a rush of contentment.’

Learn more about finding your voice, listening to your body, and Dr. Gladys’ six secrets to living a happy life by pre-ordering her book today for delivery May 2nd and signing up for our newsletter.  

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